How to Differentiate Yourself When Finding Your Next Technical Sales Role

January 1st is approaching and everyone is thinking of their resolutions. This time of year is a popular time to look for a new position. The competition increases, and applicants often have the misconception that if they apply and wait for the call, they will land their dream job. In today's world, top talent will beat you to the punch if you don't differentiate yourself.


OFFER 3 Resources to Land Your Next Sales Role

 Below are tips on how to differentiate yourself during the application process.

  • The moment you apply to the position, find out who it reports to, and send that individual an email and LinkedIn message introducing yourself
  • Build a call plan of companies that you're interested in getting into, call in, ask for their Sales Manager, get him/her on the phone and SELL YOURSELF
  • Send a hand-written note as a follow-up instead of an email
  • Use a specialized Recruiter! Recruiter's will help you open doors you can't open yourself, and they're free!


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