How to Create a Concrete and Attractive Sales Hiring Process

Good talent is hard to find especially when that talent senses that you don't have your act together. There are many variables that go into hiring. In order to cut down on rejection, it's important to have a set hiring process. Learn more below about how to create that process and land your next salesperson.


Identify Your Target

Ask yourself what your ideal hire looks like. Think about the A-players you've hired and the ones who didn't work out. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine you're searching for different positions. Ask your current employees what they were looking for when they took a job with your company and what attracted them to come work for you. Remember, people work for people, not companies. Make sure to emphasize your culture, resources, and leadership.


Post Your Job

Use free services including your website, social media, and Indeed. Put the word out there even if you don't have the advertising budget for ZipRecruiter or LinkedIn posts. Do not shy away from telling people what makes your company unique. In addition, look into trade organizations for networking purposes.


Select and Interview Your Prospects

Attracting your next technical salesperson doesn't stop after you get them in the process. Chose your words carefully in the interview. There is no need to over impress or chase the candidate but you do want to speak to their motivations and wants. Do a good job on the front end of recruiting the candidate.


Close Your Candidate

This is where it gets tricky. If the person you're planning on hiring is looking at other opportunities, you need to be able to compete. Find out what it is about your opportunity and other opportunities that draws the candidate in. You need to have leverage when making an offer.


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