Final Four 2019

The month of April arrives on the heels of March; in college basketball it is no different with March Madness flowing into April. This weekend in Minneapolis, Minnesota – The Auburn Tigers, Michigan State Spartans, Texas Tech Red Raiders, and Virginia Cavaliers face off for the rights to cut down the nets. All four teams won grueling games in the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight. While all four teams have come a long way; this weekend still beholds final hurdles for the ultimate goal of winning the championship.

Getting to a final stage of an interview can be as grueling and exciting as getting to a Final Four. Networking, resume updating, phone interviewing, and meeting potential new co-workers and superiors can be a grind. The final prize lays ahead; getting that special job; but you still have some work to do in that final interview. Below are four steps one should take in that final interview.


  1. Make sure you have three quality references – References simply aren’t friends but former co-workers, previous supervisors, colleagues, customers who can speak on your work performance, behavior, and ability to improve a company. Be creative with your references; don’t put three people from the same position if possible. Try and give a broader picture of who you are; and where you have been successful
  2. Create a thirty-day plan – This does not have to be set in stone. Use the final interview as an opportunity to create this road map. Showing a commitment to organization is crucial.
  3. Thank yous- Send a thank you email to the people you spoke with at the interview. While also showing general politeness, this also demonstrates a genuine interest and excitement in the job. Make sure to be aware of secretaries and display proper manners to them.
  4. Create an exit strategy- Begin planning your exit from your current role. Don’t quit your job until you have one lined up. Simply map out to yourself; when you will submit your resignation. It is important to not burn bridges. Be prepared when offered a counter-offer how to handle it. Oftentimes employees will receive counter-offers only to be fired a short time later. Once you receive the job you want; implement this resignation process.






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