5 Ways to Showcase Your Brand When Hiring Technical Salespeople

Showcasing your brand is key when attracting new talent. Today's media landscape is different than it was 5, 10, 15 years ago. The first action an applicant takes is to search for your company on Google and social media. Future employees want to see that your brand has a voice. They want to see your culture splashed across your website. It can be tough to decide how to communicate your culture. Below you'll find 5 inbound tactics to bring your applicants to you.


Make your careers section obvious on your site. Don't make it challenging for people to find what positions your hiring for. Make it front and center on the home page.


Put a section on your site to showcase your culture. Don't depend on your "About Us" section that tells the history of the company to show your values. Make it clear what your company's mission is, and how your employees put your values into action.

OFFER Attract Sales Talent

Include links to your social media on your website, your team page, and your emails. Don't be shy about your company's social media presence. Put it in people's faces. Don't expect that the salespeople you're trying to attract are going to go looking for it on their own. 


Speaking of social media, keep up with it. Have a presence on every channel including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc. Make sure to consistently post content about your company and employees. 


Come up with creative content. Post content about your company but focus more on your employees. What are they doing to contribute to the company? Include employee spotlights and ways that you reward your employees. Show a potential hire the experience that he or she would have if they came to work at your company. Also post content that's not company-centric. Examples include, tips and tricks for salespeople or the industry they're in, and information about industry trends or trade shows.


Bottom line, don't be afraid to put yourself out there and try new ideas. You will never know what your potential hire enjoys seeing if you don't create new content and keep up with the marketing piece of your hiring process.


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