3 Ways to Prep for Your Next Sales Interview

Most of us don’t go on job interviews often, so preparation is crucial to land your dream job. Being armed with the information necessary builds your confidence and comes across in the interview. Follow these three tips to ensure you're prepared for your next interview.

Tip #1: Know Yourself

Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses, and your short-term and long-term goals. Think about how your knowledge of similar products, customers, and/or markets will contribute to that company’s success. Ask a lot of questions and be prepared to share specific examples of your successes and describe how your experience sets you apart from other candidates.   

Tip #2: Know the Company

Spend plenty of time on the company’s website getting to know the business. In addition to learning their products and customers, dig deeper into the history of the company, and any recent news of successes, challenges, or changes within the organization. Use resources like LinkedIn to learn the about the interviewers and management team. Look for things you have in common with who you are talking to and don’t be afraid to bring it up during the interview.

Tip #3: Be a Closer and Ask for the Job

Share your interest in the position and company. Ask when you can start and reaffirm your interest in joining the team. Differentiate yourself by asking for the order and make the final impression of you as a candidate both positive and memorable. 

Use these tips and additional research to land your next career move! If you want more advice on prepping for an interview, check out our other blog posts!


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