3 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

Everyone has made a hire that doesn't pan out how they expected it to. It was love at first sight but now it's turned sour. You've wasted money and time, and your back to square one. Learn how you can avoid making hiring mistakes.

Hiring Mistake #1: Hiring the Wrong Guy/Girl for the Job

We've all done it. This points to the fact that you didn't screen the candidate well enough in the first place. You didn't address red flags and have a formal process to weed this person out. It's hard not to get infatuated with someone who you think is going to be your answer to building more business. Keep an objective mindset throughout the process, have debrief questions to keep you in check, involve other tenured employees to get their opinion, and put the potential employee in situations outside of the workplace. Examples include lunches and happy hours.

Hiring Mistake #2: Offering Too Low of a Compensation Package

Are you confident your next sales hire is going to blow it out of the water? Do they have a proven track record of success? STRETCH FOR THEM. Don't lose someone good because you weren't willing to compete or modify. Recruiter's can assist with giving you the numbers and delivering the offer. If you don't have someone on your side doing that, make sure you have a tight process in place to do it yourself.

Hiring Mistake #3: Rushing the Process

You need to hire a salesperson yesterday. You're in dire need of having someone on your team. Don't let this influence the time you take to find the right person. If you hire someone just to hire them, it won't work out, and you'll be back where you were in the first place, frustrated and desperate.


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