Why You Should Hire a Professional

I recently had the rear brakes replaced on my trusty automobile, and as I handed my credit card off to the friendly service advisor to settle my bill I suffered a moment of pause. Growing up, I spent many hours turning wrenches alongside my mechanic and amateur race car driver father. Thanks to dad’s tutelage I know how to do a brake job… so why was I shelling out my hard-earned money to someone else?

The answer is quite simple: I don’t do that kind of work frequently enough to complete it quickly.
There are many tasks that we are capable of handling on our own but we still hire someone else because they can get the job done faster. My neighbor’s lawn service visits once a week and completes mowing and edging in 15 minutes versus my neighbor’s 2 or more hours with a walk-behind mower. A coworker had her nails done last week and admitted that her salon takes 30 minutes while she would need triple that to tackle the task on her own.

When there’s an opening on your sales team, you want to fill that void as quickly as possible. Every day that passes is either a missed revenue opportunity or worse, a day where existing resources are being stretched to the limit to help cover the gap you so badly want—you need to fill.

You can do all the work necessary to find, attract, and hire a good candidate on your own, but how often do you have the opportunity to practice that skill—do you do it often enough to be efficient? Or, like my brake job, if you tackle it yourself will you end up spending more time on the task because you just don’t do it enough to do it as quickly as you’d like.

When you partner with GRS for your industrial sales hiring needs, you’re making the same decision I made with my brakes: you’re putting your needs in the hands of someone who performs that service every day, and can fill your open role exponentially faster as a result.


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