The Holiday Hiring Myth

The months of November and December are often viewed as a letdown for job seekers and hiring managers. This is the time of the year when everybody starts gearing up for the holidays and the pace slows down in the workplace. What job seekers and hiring managers don’t realize is that it’s the best time to search for a job and start the hiring process. Here’s why:

Ahead of the Curve
Job seekers, while many view this as a time to slow down, the advantageous few view this as an opportunity. The competition thins out and the truly motivated have an edge. Let others sit back and enjoy the holidays while you make new connections.

Hiring managers, you have an advantage to gain valuable employees that can hit the ground running January 1. Many companies choose to push off hiring until the new year, therefore they miss out on great talent in the industry.

Holiday Hiring Job Perceptions
A perception exists that hiring managers push off hiring until January 1 either to save money before closing the books or to avoid the administrative hassle with onboarding a new employee. In fact, several hiring managers and recruiters say that they feel increased pressure to fill open slots before the end of the year. As 2016 winds down, many hiring managers need to use or lose their budget.

Temporary Options
Even though your dream job may not be available until January 1, take this chance to sharpen your skills in a seasonal or temporary job. Many temp jobs lead to long-term career opportunities.

Holiday Pace
Businesses do not take vacations, only their employees do. Therefore, there are always openings that need to be filled. Job seekers, this can work to your advantage. At this point, not as many people are networking and making contacts with key people in their industries. This is your chance to shine. Even if there is a delayed hire, you’ve done your part to put your name in front of the right people that could lead to a hire in the future.

Use them to your advantage! They always have available openings and qualified candidates. They have a sense of urgency that will help push the process along.

“The Holiday Hiring Myth” is just that, a myth. January is the most competitive time to look for a new job so take these next two months and use them to your advantage.


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