How to Close a Technical Sales Candidate on Taking Your Job

The technical sales field is a small, competitive field. Finding the right candidate can seem like hitting a one in a million chance therefore, making sure they take your offer is critical. Here are some tips on getting a technical sales rep to accept your job.


Act as if there are about 500 people who have applied to that position. If an individual knows that they made it to the final steps in the interview process and they beat out 499 other people for that spot, they are more inclined to accept your offer. Keep in mind, do not chase after the candidates who applied to the position, let them chase you for that job opportunity.


Give them a deadline. Giving that individual a small period of time to accept your offer pressures them to make a decision. Giving them a sense of urgency gives them a little extra reason why your company is the right choice, and they feel inclined to accept. By giving them a set time frame to give you a response, you can guarantee that the candidate will want your job.

OFFER Attract Sales Talent

Know how to negotiate. If a candidate is skeptical on accepting that offer, let them know of all the benefits your company has to offer. Make sure you understand their current compensation and benefits, so you are better able to assess your offer. Offering a higher salary could be that final factor to reel them in. If a higher salary is not their concern, ask them why and see if there are other options you can take.


Know your competition. Keep in mind who your completion is and what they are offering to their technical sales reps. If they applied to your company, then they most likely applied to your competition as well. Do some research and try to figure out what you're doing that your competitors are not and enhance those aspects for your candidate.  


Consider a Third-Party Recruiter. Using a third-party recruiter can enable you to make the right decisions for your company and your candidate. They understand the process it takes and can help eliminate any stress of hiring to a company. They can assist in searching for the right candidate for that position, making the offer, and negotiating on your behalf.


These steps will guarantee that you close your next technical sales candidate on taking your job.


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