How to Attract Technical Salespeople to Work for Your Company

Finding the right candidate for your technical sales role takes a different set of skills than your average salesperson. You want to be able to find someone with a passion for your industry, so they can properly sell your products. Here is what you should be doing to attract the ideal candidate.


Before the interview begins...

  • Make sure that job posting is as accurate and up-to-date as possible (double check spelling as well). Make sure you’re clear cut about whether or not the individual needs experience with your products, markets, channel partners, and if they need a technical degree or not.
  • List out every expectation you are seeking to fulfill. Candidates will more successfully align themselves to your values and make sure they are capable to achieve them.  
  • Come up with a set of interview questions and make sure most of them are open-ended. This makes the candidate work harder to be able to give you the perfect answer you are wanting to hear.


During the interview...

  • Listen to their tone of voice. Are they able to persuade you with what they are talking about? If they can, that's a good indicator of a great salesperson.
  • See how they present themselves. The way they sit in a chair, how they put themselves together, and their body language. These aspects tell you a lot about how they will be outside of the office and in front of customers.
  • Try to find their passion in what they are talking about. When it comes to a technical sales role, the individual should have prior knowledge and interest in your products and applications.
  • Get creative! Have them sell you on how they would sell your company’s products and services to a potential client.


After the interview…

  • Make sure you have kept note of the candidate’s actions, key elements, and how they fit your role.
  • Compare and contrast this individual to other candidates you have in play. If the person isn’t a fit, communicate that to them and give them advice for their next opportunity.
  • If you feel this individual is your next salesperson, keep them intrigued! Don’t stall in making an offer. Technical salespeople don’t last on the market for long.


These tips should ensure you attract the best technical salesperson for your company.


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