How Mid-Size Companies Can Benefit from Using a Recruiter

By: Mike Lee
When I think back on my 19 years with GRS, some of the accomplishments I am most proud of are working with smaller to mid-size companies to help them accelerate their growth. While we work with companies of all sizes, from $5 million to multi-billion, it is the little guys that we can help the most.
Smaller companies must be extremely careful with where they invest their limited resources.  Completely outsourcing recruiting is a big decision. Often it takes the company failing through other methods before they see the value that a Recruiter can bring them. That said, once they completely buy into a solution and let them take over, it can bring a high amount of success.  Technical, niche firms strive to do everything for the client other than interview people and make hiring decisions. Small to mid-size companies tend to benefit the most from this as they don’t have refined internal resources or processes in place. Plus, their key hiring managers are busy wearing a lot of hats as they push toward growing the company.

The fun really begins once there are a few good hires in place. At a smaller organization, each person makes a big difference in the total results. In fact, this is a recruiting edge for small companies as many talented people that firms recruit are seeking a place where they can truly make an impact. In my experience, it’s especially gratifying when the people that are initially placed get promoted which enables us to partner with them and bring in the next wave of talent to keep the growth going.

At GRS, our mission is to enhance people’s lives through their careers. We fulfill that mission with each company we partner with. However, we make a larger impact with smaller companies when we are given the opportunity to help.


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