7 Skills to Look for When Hiring a Technical Salesperson

Hiring a technical salesperson can be exciting but daunting at the same time. You want to have the best qualified candidate that can commit the time it takes to be successful and be a great fit for your company. Here are some skills you should be searching for in your mission to find a technical salesperson.


1. Hunter Mentality

Your next hire needs to have the motivation to find new clients to engage with and develop business.


2. Developing Existing Clients

This individual should be able to sustain relationships with existing clients to increase revenue for your company.


3. Long-Term Outlook

Make sure they get personal. Ask questions to ensure that they make a connection with their clients that is more than just business.

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4. Technical Sales Skills

Your future salesperson needs to be able to properly identify clients needs and wants, and provide solutions. Make sure this individual has been involved in a value-added sales process.


5. Negotiation Skills

This individual needs to be able to close deals. They can’t be afraid to take risks and push their clients.


6. Exceed Sales Targets

Ask the candidate about their track record. Have they successfully met and exceeded sales goals in previous roles? Setting goals and reaching them not only helps you but your business in its totality.  


7. Interface and Engage Clients at Trade Shows

Setting up a booth at a trade show is one task but being inviting and engaging with the clientele is a whole different world. People at trade shows may be in the market for your product or just browsing. It is up to your salesperson to pick those clients out of the crowd.


Other skills such as analytical thinking, organizational skills and strong communication are also important to consider when trying to find the right candidate. Let the search for the ideal technical salesperson begin!


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