5 Reasons NOT to Take a Counteroffer

There are many reasons why you want to leave your current job. You've interviewed at multiple places, have reached the offer stage, and put in your two weeks notice. Without hesitation, your boss desperately asks you to stay and proposes a counteroffer. More money, that promotion you always wanted, the opportunity to take on a new role, this sounds enticing, right? NO. There are multiple reasons why you should never accept a counteroffer.


1. Higher Pay from Your Current Company

If you have felt underpaid in your current position and have asked for a raise before, your boss should not have to finally give you what you deserve when you are on the verge of leaving the company. If you are viewed as a valuable link to the company, your raise should have came a long time ago, not when you want to leave.


2. Leaving Your Workload Behind

Your boss may guilt trip you into needing to stay because your current responsibilities will not be attended to. A two week notice is more than enough time to wrap everything up. Do not delay that next opportunity for fear of leaving work behind.


3. Cost Saving for Your Current Boss

In efforts of cutting costs to the bare minimum, being proposed with a counteroffer of a higher pay raise can be a cost-saving advantage for your boss. The time and money to work with the recruiting team to find a new individual to replace you and give them the proper training can be just as expensive as giving you that pay raise you deserved in the first place.


4. Responsibilities Can Get Taken Away

If you do accept a counteroffer from your current boss, they have all control on the projects you are now assigned to. Your accounts can get taken away and your sales territory can be decreased drastically, which can make you regret your decision of accepting that counteroffer in the first place.


5. Toxic Work Environment

After you go through the effort of finding a new job and have reached the offer stage, you begin to converse with your current coworkers on how you are leaving the company and may even begin talk poorly about the company. If you do accept the counteroffer, those coworkers may have a different perception of you now that you’ve stayed. In addition, there will be broken trust between you and your superior, and it will give them an easy reason to fire you first if the company takes a downturn.


By accepting a counteroffer, you are risking keeping your current job and passing up a career changing opportunity. If you are looking at other opportunities, make sure your committed to making a change. Don’t wait until you get an offer from another company to ask for what you want from your current company.


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